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The Chronicles of Henny

The Chronicles of Henny Volume 1, by Kerri  Davidson.


This is my first published book.  It is a story written in comic strip form about a drunken fowl-mouthed chicken named Henny who lives with a cop.  It contains foul language, mature and possibly offensive humour.  But it is all in good fun!

This book follows the life and struggles of Henny as he tries to find his place in the world... there are sometimes disastrous but always HILARIOUS consequences!  To know Henny is to love Henny.  This is just the start of his story. 

What to Expect

Let's start with what not to expect.  "Professional" art and stunning graphics.  This story all began from sticky notes I created to send in my husband's lunch to make him laugh at work.  They were never meant to be published.  A furious amount of scanning and formatting and blood, sweat and tears went into taking these collected notes and making them publishable while still preserving the original well.. everything.  There are random unwanted pixels  EVERYWHERE.. missing lines to the backs of chairs, beds, etc.  The Chronicles of Henny Volume 1 has been called a comic, a graphic novel, and some not so nice things on occasion HAR!  I call it my first book.

More of What to Expect!

Point is, it is HILARIOUS!  It is guaranteed to make you laugh.  Please remember it is ADULT humour, but it is nothing close to porn.  I have received oh so many priceless emails, pictures and positive feedback and it makes it all worth it.  Surprisingly, my favourite comments come from people who just happened upon it and were not expecting to enjoy it.  "It grows on you."  Couldn't have said it better myself.  It certainly grew on me.  Whether you love him or hate him, you will get to know Henny.  

Volume 2 is here! My SECOND published book! Henny continues to struggle along.  He develops emotionally with the introduction of new characters such as his shrink Dr. Head and a lovely young lady named Stinky. Don't worry, he is still at heart at clueless jerk. Volume 3 may or may not morph into some color part way through.  Keep following along with me and you will not be sorry!

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The Chronicles of Henny is available at The Elbow bar in Elbow, Saskatchewan!

Volume 1 Tshirts are being discontinued, get one while supplies last!

The Chronicles of Henny is now available at 8th St. Books and Comics in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan!

Volume 2 is HERE along with toques and hoodies!

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